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Only treatment suppurative otitis media!!!

The following use google translate, if unknown, please forgive me!Since our medicine 2002 networking has cured thousands of patients in China the. No injections, no medicine, no pain, can effect a radical cure is characteristic of medicine we.

Otitis media is not serious illness, but in the Chinese hospital is unable to cure, there is a South Korean hospital dean has been associated with us, in the South Korean otitis media patients mainly by surgery, but also can not be cured. Now the world is a global village, the information exchange is very common, so we believe that foreign hospitals in the treatment of middle ear inflammation is also the general case.

We in China is a major treatment is that it can provide a province patient contact, patients can consult them to understand the efficacy of our drugs. In 2014, we sell drugs on Taobao.com, the user can directly evaluate the efficacy of the drug.


Because our medicine is to configure their own, black powder-like, are traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese domestic unable mailed by courier companies, because some if you want to buy our medicine, please contact your friend in China, please go abroad when he can other channels bring you.

Common problem solutions

1) I am suffering from otitis media for ten years, traveled around the hospital, hearing loss, your medicine really can cure me?

2) My ear has been broken, put the medicine into the ear, whether it will enter my mind?

3) The powder is poured into the ear, will not lead to clogging, pus out into the brain?

4) After treatment, how to determine the cured?

5) Has not suppurate, but a piece of medicine, uncomfortable, do not take out how to do?

6)Why do you have the medicine to treat the root, what is the principle?

7) My ear is worn, need to move an operation?

Treatment method

Otitis media treatment: change one day, patients with acute otitis media (symptoms: recent otitis media) 1 period of treatment can be cured, patients with chronic otitis media (symptoms: a few years history of otitis media) 2-3 courses can be cured, particularly severe otitis media patients sometimes need 4-5 courses.(1 days of treatment for middle ear infection was 7 days)


1) The drug can only be added to the ears, not oral, otherwise the consequences of self. During the treatment of otitis media, the need to pay special attention to rest.

2) The drug is effective in the middle ear of purulent otitis media, if there is no pus in the ear, it can not play a role.

Price: ¥350 / course (To understand the purchase before dosing method >>)

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Otitis Media