The treatment of otitis media

Folk prescription that Cao master governance otitis media is the production and use of the drug therapy, no injections, no medicine, no pain, especially suitable for children. The recipe is a powder, black, not oral, treatment can only be added to the ear.

Operation processes:

1. The first dosing, first with a cotton swab, gently into the ear, the sanies empty .

2. Find other people to help the powder into the ear. One side, with a cotton swab to nudge, fill the ear powder completely .

3. Then use cotton plugged ear mouth, prevent leakage of powder, with a small medical tape to stick the cotton wool on the ear.

4. The next day when dressing, because there is pus, powder at this time will toothpaste intends to software, their first earwax spoon in the ear in the wet powder pulls out, until you can not dig feel any pain stop, and then repeat the above operation dosing.

5. When fewer ear pus, outside of the powder is dry the, but inside the powder or wet, or to repeat the above process and emptied after dosing.

6. Until cut drug found drugs inside the caking becomes dry, like quasi nails so hard and be on the safe side finally add a medicine good.

7. After three days out of the remaining powder, not pour it out, wait for half a month to a month, let it fall off. If it had not been off, they will not hurt the pain. If you still can not get out, with a hot towel over the ears, or with hot wet cotton swab into the cover after the wet drug block.


1. This medicine should not be taken orally, can only be added to the ear.

2. Generally two or three days after the start of the wound healing, then, the most difficult time to come. Ears began to itch, do not use hand to catch, to prevent infection and recurrence. The right remedy is to gently rub the palm of your hand, to ease the itching. After one or two days, the work will be successful.

3. Treatment of infantile period when should pay special attention to, because the baby is not sensible, once having itching ears, he will be scratching, easy to powder leaked out, again with the medicine hand in your mouth, it is possible to unpredictable. Therefore, the baby during the treatment, the hand, don't let hands touch the ears. Teach everyone a small door, with baby socks to the hands of a set of.

4. There must be someone in charge of Medicine.