According to a variety of questions raised by netizens, is now a question of how to treat the problem of how to treat the problem of the middle ear is often confused with the treatment of several questions to be answered.

First of all, in answer to the question before, first of all, the middle ear inflammatory symptoms for a brief introduction. The human ear is divided into the inner ear, the middle ear, and the outer ear. The so-called otitis media, is middle ear inflammation, middle ear and external auditory canal has a membrane, called the membrane. General in the middle ear pus is produced, accumulated to a certain amount, perforation of the tympanic membrane, the outflow of the ear.

1. I am suffering from otitis media for ten years, traveled around the hospital, hearing loss, your medicine really can cure me?

Not only is temporary, is a Completely!

Middle ear inflammation every attack, will have a little effect on the hearing, a year after the recurrence of a year, the cumulative down you will find your hearing declined, until deaf. This is permanent and cannot be restored. So say that no use, you go to the hospital or with other drugs to look good, first do not be happy, first put me on the station, if you have a recurrence of the back, looking for us.

Can we really cure the drug? Can cure, but does not mean that the recurrence rate was 0. In our patient records, we can see, there are second or three times the purchase, but not many, individual phenomenon. Even if the recurrence, after a few times, but also the end is cured. So we dare to say that we can cure

Truer friends will say, may be they not have faith in you, so they do not have to re purchase of medicines, here I can't say absolutely, may have it. But can be confirmed, the phone I can provide, ha ha

2. My ear has been broken, put the medicine into the ear, whether it will enter my mind?

Ha ha, it's more of a concern. Although the head of the various organs are all very small tubes connected, but because the powder particles are relatively large, can not pass through these tubes. Think about it, the hospital hydrogen peroxide (which is irritating) can not be filled, not even hydrogen peroxide can not enter the brain, the powder is not even more difficult.

3. The powder is poured into the ear, will not lead to clogging, pus out into the brain?

Before a patient can not use our drug, specially consulted a doctor, the doctor is so scare him. First of all, the pus in the middle ear, why it does not go to the inner ear or deeper in the brain, but it is to break through the membrane to the external ear? Not that the inner ear is very strict. Secondly, the medicine is powder, absorbing pus function, meet the pus will become quasi toothpaste software, daily dressing, etc. there is no pus, caking of powders will harden, then have no pus. Ten thousand steps back, then if there is pus, powder block will become toothpaste like software, how to jam said it. Difficult to form a block after becoming cement?

4. After treatment, how to determine the cured?

Every day when dressing, try to put the ear outside the powder or pellet removed, to which prevail. If the powder inside is not wet, form a block, like nails hardens, the shows have been good, another judgment is the ear itch, also shows good soon, two mutual judgment. At this time if there is medicine, insurance, and finally add a little medicine, the back will not be changed.

5. Has not suppurate, but a piece of medicine, uncomfortable, do not take out how to do?

In the cure, you can put the ear canal powder drained, to dig to dig a little, to dig pain as the premise, this can reduce influence your listening or uncomfortable degree. The more deep drug block do not dig, and so on half a month to a month, it will naturally fall off, then you will not hurt the. Just like a scar, it's a matter to be able to cover it after 1 months.

If you really uncomfortable, feel the ears of foreign body, uncomfortable, want to take a little more, we teach you a method, with hot towel to cover their ears, a few minutes later dig out, no longer cover, until the drug block becomes soft and easy to dig. (this method we don't see Italy, in case of recurrence, we don't blame the drug not Yo, the best days of patience as well)

We had such a patient, he otitis media has healed, but the remaining powder in the ear form a block, the feeling is not very comfortable, hearing effect, and took it out, a touch of pain. Let the hospital doctor, let the doctor petrified, call us, what will the ear medicine block removal. Therefore, we let him use the hot cotton ball wet in ear cover, let the drug blocks becomes soft and wet out. The result is taken out of the drug, but the ear and the inflammation, may take the medicine when the pain caused by. Therefore, we see that the general situation of patients do not take the pill out, but let it fall naturally.

6. Middle ear is cured, the remaining medicine how to do, can put how long ?

This medicine can be sealed for long-term preservation. Optional in a clean bottle, it is best to glass bottles, pour the powder we simple packaging, the lid tightly, put in a cool and dry place, can be. In case of recurrence, immediately available.

7. Why do you have the medicine to treat the root, what is the principle?

This question is more difficult to answer. Because we say we can cure, but from the practice of the conclusion. By 2000, we have cured hundreds of patients, the recurrence rate is only about 3%. And this 3% of patients with recurrence, after re treatment, there is no recurrence.After our investigation, the general recurrence is due to the shampoo in the ear when the ear caused by accidentally. But why some patients do not have a relapse after the ear water, and some patients will relapse, we can not say. After all, we do not engage in research, do not understand. We are afraid that the problem is also a common problem of many traditional Chinese medicine formulations. As we all know, most of the traditional Chinese medicine formula is also from the practice, it is not easy to use today's scientific theory to explain it, otherwise the effect of foreign long recognized Chinese Medicine.

8. My ear is worn, need to move an operation?

In theory, the membrane is worn, and it is easy to be infected, and it is caused by otitis media. But if there is no cure to do repair surgery, and that is to do, the back of a recurrence and perforation. After we cured the patient, only about 5% of the recurrence rate, the reason for its recurrence is mostly because of the shampoo bath when accidentally, caused by ear water. So we can see that we have to observe a period of time after the cure, if you are not easy to relapse do not have to do surgery. If you are prone to relapse or swimming, it is better to do a repair surgery, such a relatively safe, but it is not absolute.